the Lutz research group...

February 2018

Upcoming conferences :

CHI Biocatalysis & Bio-based Chemical Production 2018 in San Diego, CA (Jan.  9-11, 2018)

ACS National Meeting Spring 2018

in New Orleans, LA (Mar. 18-22, 2018)

GRC Biocatalysis at Univ. New England, ME (July 8-13, 2018)

BioCat 2018 in Hamburg, Germany (Aug. 26 - 30, 2018)

News and Views...

December 2017: Welcome our new graduate students! Evy (& Poppy) and David have joined the lab.

November 2017: Sam’s book chapter published in Methods for Molecular Biology.

April 2017: Editorial for Current Opinion in Chemical Biology published.

March 2017: Ashley’s paper accepted for publication in PLOS ONE.

December 2016: Ashley’s paper accepted for publication in ACS Synthetic Biology.

December 2016: Leann’s co-author publication accepted in ChemBioChem.

September 2016: Elsie and Pravin’s book chapter accepted for publication.

May 2016: Sam’s article accepted for publication in Methods for Molecular Biology.

February 2016: Pravin’s manuscript published in ChemMedChem.

Mailing address:

Department of Chemistry

Emory University

1515 Dickey Drive

Atlanta, GA 30322